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Economical and convenient, pellet stove inserts are being touted in the industry as being environmentally friendly. You'll save a lot of money on your energy bills too, as well as enjoy the EPA biomass tax credit of 30%. You'll find the best prices on pellet stove inserts here at, so phone 1-888-611-4347 to speak with a pellet stove insert specialist or order online right now. No one offers a better price then us, so take advantage of our deals.
Napoleon NPI40 Pellet insert - NPI40 PELLET INSERT - painted black -
Product ID : NPI40
NPI40 Napoleon Pellet Insert Join the struggle for a clean environment the...
Napoleon NPI45 Pellet insert - NPI45 PELLET INSERT - painted black -
Product ID : NPI45
NPI45 Napoleon Pellet Insert A renewable energy source that’s...
Napoleon Timberwolf TPI35 Pellet Insert with Black Door
Product ID : TPI35
Lennox PI40 Insert Body PELLET INSERT with Smart Heat™ Technology - H5141
Product ID : PI40
With a unique bay view, the IronStrike – Formerly Lennox Winslow™...